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Tap into new revenue opportunities

Providing global payments capabilities to your customers not only helps you retain and attract customers, it can also create revenue opportunities for your business.

Leverage Convera’s trusted global network

Offer your customers the ability to receive or make payments in 140+ currencies across more than 200 countries and territories.

Deliver value to customers

Your customers can pay less fees by accessing our 500+ local bank accounts around the world (instead of using local methods like ACH and RTGS).

Ensure customer cash flow needs

Partner with us to help your customers manage foreign exchange volatility using Convera’s risk management solutions.

Navigate your compliance obligations

With compliance capabilities in your local jurisdictions, we provide you the confidence you need to extend international payment offerings to your customers while helping manage complexities.

Streamline your mass payments

Quickly and easily send up to 10,000 payments in more than 140 currencies, through a single API call or file upload.

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