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Add global payments capabilities to your product set while reducing fees and simplifying processes.

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Get new revenue opportunities

Providing global payments capabilities not only helps attract and retain customers, it also creates revenue opportunities for your financial institution.

Access Convera’s global network

We help over 1800 banks, credit unions and Fintechs monetise their member and customer base to grow internationally. Your members or customers can manage payments in over 200 countries and territories, in more than 140 currencies.

Stand out with lower fees

Reduce fees for your customers or members by using our network of 500+ local bank accounts around the world. Offer more flexibility and options than just ACH and RTGS.

Simplify processes for members and customers

Through a secure and custom-branded platform, we turn cross-border payments into simple local payments. That way, your members or customers can easily handle all their money transfer needs.

Provide the confidence needed to handle compliance and global FX

With compliance expertise in your local jurisdictions, Convera gives you the confidence you need to extend international payment offerings and minimise complexities for customers.

Utilise modular cloud-based APIs

Our APIs let you quickly integrate new global payment features into your existing products – helping your institution scale and innovate.

Work with a committed partner

Whether it’s processing international payments for your members or customers, automating services, getting better FX rates or just adding payment capabilities within your own system, our team is committed to helping you succeed from start to finish. 

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